Conference Two


School of Geography, University of Leeds



Tuesday 23 February (Garstang Room 8.11)
10.00 Welcome and Introduction (AG).
10.30 IVOA Fundamentals (AL/KN).
11:15 Evaluation Report (AL)
11.30 Overview of Core ASTROTROP Software (DM/AL).
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Demonstrations of Using Core ASTROTROP Software (DG/MM/CGA/DM)
13:30 IVOA Standards process and how Tropical Forest Researchers can Agree on ASTROTROP Standards (AG)
14.15 Breakout Groups
16.30 Reports from Breakout Groups.
17.00 Next Steps: Formalizing the Standards Process: Committees, Liaison with Supportive Bodies (JL).
17.30 Integrating ASTROTROP into Existing Projects/Initiatives A (KT).
18.00 Close.
18.30 Conference Dinner.

Wednesday 24 February
Part 1: (Garstang Room 8.11)
09.30 Further Discussions on the Standards Process (JL).
10.00 Integrating ASTROTROP into Existing Projects/Initiatives B (AG).
10.50 Tea
Part 2: (Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre No. 5)
11.15 Integrating ASTROTROP into Existing Projects/Initiatives C (AG).
11.45 Identifying Opportunities for New Project Proposals (AG).
12.30 Lunch
Part 3: (Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre No. 14)
13.30 Panel on Commercial and Policy Opportunities (JL).
14.30 Panel on Further Collaboration Between the Tropical Forest and Astronomical Communities (AL)
15.30 Closing Discussion (AL/AG).
16.00 Close.