30 October

1200 Registration and refreshments
Opening Plenary : ROE Lecture Theatre
1300 Welcome Addresses Lesley Yellowlees (Edin), Catherine Ewart (STFC)
1310 Introduction to ASTROTROP Alan Grainger
1340 Astro Grid/Euro VO Software Andy Lawrence/Keith Noddle PDF
1410 Area Mapping Kevin Tansey PDF
1440 Science and Technology Plans Alan Grainger
1500 Tea/Coffee
Breakout Session-1 Demonstrator Group Plans
1520 Groups 1+2 : Area-Biodiversity Rooftop Gallery
1520 Groups 3+4 : Area-Carbon Lecture Theatre
1520 Group 5: Area-Ecosystem services Stobie Room
1550 Short break
Plenary : ROE Lecture Theatre
1600 Feedback from biodiversity group Adrian Newton
1615 Feedback from carbon group Yadvinder Malhi
1630 Feedback from Ecosystem services group Alan Grainger
1645 Using Astro methods in global change research Andy Lawrence
1715 Project Organization Q&A Andy Lawrence/Alan Grainger
1745 Close
1900 for 1930 Dinner Hellers Kitchen 15 Salisbury Place

31 October

Plenary Session-1 : ROE Lecture Theatre
0900 Introduction to the day Andy Lawrence
0905 Using the Project Website Keith Noddle PDF
0925 Area Mapping Mark Mulligan
0955 Introduction to Breakout Sessions Alan Grainger
Breakout Session-2 Demonstrator Group Science Planning
1000 Group 1 Stobie Room
1000 Group 2 U3
1000 Groups 3+4 Lecture Theatre
1000 Group 5 Management Building Board Room
1045 Tea/Coffee
1100 Demonstrator groups contd as above
1200 Lunch Stobie Room
Plenary Session-2 : ROE Lecture Theatre
1300 Feedback from Demonstrator Groups Alan Grainger
1330 Stakeholder Panel Genevieve Patenaude, Peter Allan, Helen Bellfield
Breakout Session-3 : Incubator Group planning
1400 REDD+ Systems and Forest Sensors Lecture Theatre
1400 Decision-Support, Visualization for User Interfaces, and Generic Virtual Observatory Applications Rooftop gallery
1500 Tea/Coffee
Plenary Session-3 : ROE Lecture Theatre
1500 Feedback from Incubator Groups
1520 Interface Groups PanelKeith Noddle
1540 Refining Project Plan Alan Grainger, Andy Lawrence
1630 Carriages