Some key locations (airport, train station, ROE, some hotels, restaurant) are marked on this map


The meeting starts at 13:00 on Oct 30th. Registration is available from 12:00 Some light lunch will be available the first day. (Enough for a snack for everybody or a better lunch for half…). The conference dinner will be at 19:00 for 19:30 that day. The meeting then continues for a full day on Oct 31st, with lunch provided for registered attendees. See Programme for more detail.

Meeting venues

Important : Because of industrial action and other logistical problems, the meeting has been moved to the Royal Observatory Edinburgh

The plenary sessions are in the ROE Lecture Theatre. The breakout sessions are in various different rooms around the site. We will lead crocodiles to these.

The old locations map from before we moved the meeting does have the ROE marked on, as well as the conference dinner restaurant.

Social Event

The conference dinner will be at Heller's Kitchen, about halfway between ROE and central Edinburgh. Please let Alan Grainger know if you want to attend the dinner.


Participants are responsible for arranging their own accomodation, and making their own way to the venue. On the Accomodation page, we list some specific recommendations, and provide some links to more choices.

Directions to the meeting venue

Apart from by road, the main ways of arriving in Edinburgh are at the airport (to the west) or at Waverley rail station (central). The ROE is in South Edinburgh, on top of Blackford Hill. See location map. When you arrive at ROE, you check in at the lodge and get a name badge. They will be expecting you.

A taxi from the airport to ROE will cost about £25. From the train station, it will be around £10.

There is a frequent bus from the airport to central Edinburgh, finishing at Waverley Station. This costs £3.50. From there, the No. 41 bus goes all the way to the bottom of Blackford Hill - but unfortunately not the top! The buses have a fixed price of £1.50. Route maps can be found here