Measuring the Planet 2013

The First Astrotrop Conference
Edinburgh, Oct 30-31 2013

The first open meeting of the Astrotrop project will be held at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh on October 30th and 31st, 2013. This is a historic first meeting bringing together tropical forest researchers and astronomers. The aims are to launch a dialogue between these communities, to share information on how data exploration and federation is done in thee communities, to set the project direction, and to scope the evaluation study which is the main purpose of the project. The programme has a mixture of invited talks, open discussions, and breakout sessions.

There is a small registration charge which covers the cost of tea, coffee and lunch sessions. There will also be a conference dinner which is optional for delegates to attend.


Sept 5 : First annnouncement
Sep 28 : Registration opens
Oct 15 : Programme available
Oct 30 : Meeting starts
Nov 15 : Talks available on these pages





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